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Entrepreneurs Français à l'Etranger (EFE)

EFE International is an initiative led by the National Committee of Foreign Trade Advisors of France and the network of French Chambers of Commerce Abroad, both of which are private economic operators.

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Their mission

- Promoting France's foreign trade
- Providing services to French Entrepreneurs Abroad
- Strengthening the connection of French Entrepreneurs Abroad with France

Their ambition

EFE International aspires to serve as a platform :

- For the dispatch of International Corporate Volunteers (V.I.E) to E.F.E shareholder companies and to provide assistance to E.F.E.
- To strengthen their ties with France (sourcing, connecting with service providers, partners, or potential investors from France and abroad).

Are you an E.F.E?

The French Businesses Abroad, or "E.F.E" are :

  • Local law businesses
  • Created and/or managed by a French individual residing abroad

The concept of a French national entrepreneur is central

Founding members

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