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  1. Create your Member Space by clicking on "Login", then "Forgot my Password".
  2. Once logged in. e, click on "Recruitment > My resume" and enter your information.

Important: Be sure to complete the columns of the form thoroughly. For reasons of confidentiality, the employer will only see your CV during the contact. 

Additional information

  • By applying for this service, you agree that the CCIFC will keep your personal data and take them back for 2 months.
  • Please let us know if you would like your CV deleted before 2 months.
  • Trainee information from France: the Internship Coop visa pool is closed for 2021. Next possibilities of beginning of internship in March 2022.
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L'incontournable le Balado présenté par la CCIFC

« L'incontournable », le balado présenté par la CCI Française au Canada, vous propose d'écouter celles et ceux qui construisent chaque jour notre belle communauté d'affaires franco-canadienne.