Our mission

CCI France International

The CCIFC belongs to the CCI France International network which brings together more than 126 French Chambers in 95 countries and gathers 37,000 companies, 50% of which are foreign companies.

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Our members

The CCIFC has nearly more than 300 member companies and more than 2 000 active members in Canada.

Here are some figures on our network:

- 25% large groups
- 50% SMEs
- 25% startups / individuals
- More than 6000 contacts

Referenced Solution Team France-Export

The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Canada (CCIFC) is referenced Solutions Team France Export towards french companies the public export/Business France facility, to perform commercial anchor services in Montreal. The CCIFC is thus the partner of the CCI in France, BPI France, French Foreign Trade Advisors, for french companies looking for a virtual domiciliation solution, accommodation in the business center, VIE host, salary carry or help with the creation of an entity locally.

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Our network

Established in Montreal since 1886, the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFC) is the leading Franco-Canadian business network with more than 300 companies and 2000 member delegates. Our business network represents also more than 6000 contacts ! 

Its mission is to support French companies in their development in Canada, and to promote synergies and business opportunities with companies.

The CCIFC is part of CCI France International, a network of 126 French CCIs in 95 countries, with 37,000 companies and 1200 employees. In each country, the CCI is an association (NPO) under local law, which is self-financing through its activities, and for the benefit of member companies.

Our missions

  • Support French companies in their development in Canada
  • Initiate and facilitate the business network and partnerships between companies 
  • Provide information on market dynamics between France and Canada
  • Animate and connect the business community and promote networking between French and local companies


Presentation of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Canada

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L'incontournable le Balado présenté par la CCIFC

« L'incontournable », le balado présenté par la CCI Française au Canada, vous propose d'écouter celles et ceux qui construisent chaque jour notre belle communauté d'affaires franco-canadienne.