Why Canada ?

Canada's economic presentation

With a GDP of $2,204 billion in 2020 (€1,454 billion), Canada ranks 10th in the world among the richest countries. Like most countries, Canada experienced a severe recession in 2020, estimated at 5.4% of GDP following several years of moderate growth (3% in 2017, 1.9% in 2018 and 1.6% in 2019).

A federal state divided into 10 provinces and 3 very autonomous territories, the integration of the regions into economic activity remains very uneven since Ontario and Quebec, the two most economically dynamic provinces, alone contribute nearly 60% of Canada’s GDP.

The country is highly integrated in world trade, having the 4th rate of openness among G20 countries (ahead of the United States) and pursuing a strategy of trade diversification through the signing of bilateral and plurilateral free trade agreements: CETA with the European Union, CUMSA (new agreement with Mexico and the United States) or CPTPP with Asian countries.

Canada’s largest trading partner remains largely its American neighbour, the world’s largest power.

Canada in a few numbers

Other areas of expertise include:
National Defence, Interprovincial and International Trade, Immigration, Banking and Monetary System, Criminal Law and Fisheries. 

Organized in the same way as the federal government, provincial and territorial governments have jurisdiction over education, property and civil rights, the administration of justice, the hospital system, natural resources within their borders, social security, health care and municipal institutions.

The United Nations consistently ranks Canada as a country with the highest quality of life.
This ranking takes into account living standards, education of the population and life expectancy. Its progress towards excellence in the field of cultural creativity is explained by its multicultural and multidisciplinary population.

With a population of nearly 38 million, Canada welcomes more than 250,000 immigrants each year. It capitalizes on the diversity of their backgrounds and creativity, which continuously enriches Canadian culture and society.

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