2020 Gala – Business Awards for French and Canadian Companies

Under the High Patronage and in the presence of The French Ambassador to Canada and The Canadian Ambassador to France.

The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Canada is proud to recognize and highlight the performance of the best French and Canadian enterprises that make up the countries’ business world.
We invite you to attend this beautiful ceremony on Thursday, April the 2nd, where French and Canadian entrepreneurs will be rewarded for their outstanding performance during this past year.

All instructions needed to apply for the 2020 Gala’s Business Awards can be found below.




French success in Canada Award:

Large Corporations Category:
global workforce superior to 500 employees, and revenues over 70 million Canadian dollars.

SME Category:
global workforce inferior to 500 employees, and revenues under 70 million Canadian dollars.

Start-up Category (operating since July 1st, 2019 or before)
structure has existed for less than five years and declares its revenues.

Canadian success in France Award:
Canadian enterprises (start-up, SME and large corporations) that stand out on the French market.

Best French-Canadian collaboration Award:
Examples: successful collaboration between two companies, a company and a public organism, a company and a university…

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award:
This award aims to measure the implication of enterprises towards the environment and their stakeholders (employees, partners, clients and sub-contractors).
This award is open to all French companies in Canada and Canadian companies in France.

General Admissibility Conditions:

The finalists’ presence and financial participation to the Business Awards Gala is required:
at least two representatives at the preferential rate of SME and large corporations; one free ticket for start-ups.

Application deadline and submission:
Award applications are open from November 20th, 2019 to February 13th, 2020. To submit, please send the application form to the following email address: chediard@ccifcmtl.ca

Applications Review:
The jury is comprised of 5 people:

  • Sandrine Perreault : Director of the CCIFC
  • Jean François Goumy : North America Managing Director Art de Vivre and Services and Montreal Office at Business France,
  • Ghislain Richter : Partner at Accuracy Financial Services,
  • Jérôme Nadeau : Director, Development of International Subsidiaries Department at Investissement Québec,
  • Jacques Besnainou : French Trade Advisor (Conseiller du Commerce Extérieur Français), Business Angel
Members of the jury will analyse with respect, attention and confidentiality the whole of the applications received per category. On February 20th, this jury will determine the finalists of each category nominated for the Business Awards Gala of the CCIFC. Finalists will benefit from exposure before, during and after the 2020 Gala on the 2nd of April.

Application selection Criteria:
Particular attention will be given to the respect of the imposed format.
We ask that you do not submit paper forms.

The Gala will take place at the Four Seasons Hotel, a prestigious scene at the heart of the Golden Square Mile of Montreal.

Submit your application for the Recognition Awards of 2020

Register to the Evening Gala today!

We invite you to attend this beautiful ceremony on Thursday, April the 2nd.


Sponsor the Gala!

Evening Program:

-Thursday, April the 2nd, 2020-
Four Seasons Montreal
Formal Gala Dress code: black tie

6pm – 6:30pm
VIP Champagne Cocktail with the Gala’s sponsoring partners.

6:30pm – 7:15pm
Champagne Cocktail for all guests.

7:15pm – 9pm
3-service gourmet dinner, animated by the awards’ presentation.

After 9pm
Champagne and dancing.

Any cancelation less than thirty days before the event will not be reimbursed by the organizer. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event in the case of force majeure or other major incident independent of the organizer’s control. Such cancelation cannot be following any reimbursement to the sponsors or participants.


The trophies’ partners

The evening’s partners

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